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29 Nov


The multilingual magazine PELICAN is a unique educational project of PELIKAN School of Languages.

The magazine is the result of the students’ work. Each class writes an article on a selected topic in Czech and a foreign language, so all articles in the magazine are bilingual. Besides students’ articles, contributions from European experts on education and teachers are published too.

The magazine is designed to be used as a tool of language learning and contains articles in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

3,000 copies of the magazine are distributed free to local schools, universities, public places and our partners’ institutions across Europe. It is also available online on

The video was made in order to promote the magazine and to show the process of creating the magazine.

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Kick-off meeting Pools-3 Brussels

14 Nov

POOLS-3 kick-off meeting in Brussels, Belgium.


Are you a language teacher interested in using the modern technology as a tool of language learning? Does lack of support and knowledge prevent you from meaningful use of ICT in class? Do you know what CLIL and CALL stand for? Are you familiar with „Task-based learning“?

Nowadays, there is a large number of teachers who want to use innovative methods. However, they lack information and effective tools which would help them to implement ICT and the digital video. The POOLS project addressed these needs by creating materials and tools for Computer Assisted Language Learning method.

POOLS-3 is a Transfer of innovation project based on the original POOLS project funded with support from the European Commission. It will adapt and translate the POOLS guides and manuals, produce digital video material for use of ICT in language learning in three new languages. It will also run teacher training courses on innovative…

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