A Sushimaster In The Flesh

26 Oct

How often do you have an opportunity to meet a real Japanese sushimaster and hear him answer your tiresome questions while he is intensely concentrated on creating a delicious meal? We did!

In order to gather information for an article in the forthcoming issue of the PELICANMAG we paid a visit to an excellent sushi and fish restaurant KOISHI in Brno. Upon arriving in the restaurant’s premises we were warmly welcomed by the owner of the restaurant Mrs Simona Elsnerova who informed us about its concept. Whichever dish on the menu you choose, fresh ingredients and top chefs are a guarantee of a unique experience. We were then introduced to the sushimaster, Mr Tadayoshi Ebina who very kindly answered all of the questions we had prepared. After we had finished the interview, we were served a delicious dish consisting of sushi and fresh fish.

We are very grateful to the management and staff of the restaturant, who were all very friendly, for the unforgettable experience we had. If you are interested in the interview, make sure you do not miss the next issue of the PELICANMAG which will be published in February.


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