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Pelican Magazine – Being Clever Is Easy

6 May

Are you the sort of people who are convinced that using social networks is a waste of time? Do you honestly believe that playing computer games can only make people aggressive and inevitably results in deterioration of communication abilities? Do you really think that young people are unable to work together in order to express their opinions on matters they find interesting? If your answers are „yes“, then the recent issue of Pelican Magazine will certainly prove you wrong.


The outcome of the concerted effort of management, staff and students of Pelikán Language School provides an insight into new and innovative  forms of language teaching. It is an exciting journey to the world of up-to-date communication tools that are intended to help both teachers and students adopt a different approach to the process of teaching and learning foreign languages. It is very interesting to explore different ways of using the tools as a motivation factor and effective means of learning.


However, it would not be wise to assume that the magazine is focused only on the educational process. Above all, it is about people, people who contributed to it, and who injected a considerable effort and time into making it. The reader has a unique opportunity to get to know them through a number of articles on different topics such as music, summer festivals and on-line learning.


To conclude, if you thought that the task of learning a language must necessarily be carried out within the traditional classroom framework, read the magazine and get inspired. It is definitely worth it.